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Rising cost of diesel is driving up prices at the grocery store

Consumers are feeling the impact of the rising price of diesel fuel on their trips to the grocery store.

The price of diesel fuel is up $2.41 compared to this time last year. As a result of rising gas prices nationwide, the cost of grocery store products like potatoes, soups, and paper products is rising as well.

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Local impact of rising fuel prices

“Now with the gas prices, we’re seeing some pretty dramatic increases in the cost of a lot of goods,” said Hegedorn’s Market Manager Jon Gonzalez, according to News10 NBC. “Sometimes we’ll see an increase that’s just, it’s kind of shocking, to be honest, and that happens more often recently than it ever has in the past. Before, it was very gradual, very consistent. Now it’s kind of all over the place and, you know, we’ve seen double-digit increases on certain products.”

Gonzalez said he anticipates customers changing their spending habits and cutting back on certain items to save money on groceries. Ultimately, the extent to which people change their spending habits will depend on how prices trend this summer.

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