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Home » Valentine's Day » Cayuga leadership dispute will play out at tonight’s Seneca County Supervisors meeting

Cayuga leadership dispute will play out at tonight’s Seneca County Supervisors meeting

A senior account executive with the PR firm that represents the Clint Halftown-led faction of the Cayuga Indian Nation will address the Seneca County Board of Supervisors at their meeting tonight.

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Seneca County caught in the middle of Cayuga leadership dispute

The Finger Lakes Times reports Maria Stagliano of LEVICK is expected to tell the board that Halftown is the legitimate leader of the Cayugas and that the nation wants improved relations with the county. This comes after Chief Samuel George, representing the Council of Chiefs and Clan Mothers, said he is the legitimate Cayuga leader and told the board it could contact him for any issue concerning the Cayugas.

Stagliano says she has been granted five minutes to speak and will tell the board it should ignore what George told them and that the board should not play a role in determining the legitimate Cayuga leadership. Stagliano’s firm requested to speak after George at the last meeting but was told to come back tonight.

Halftown is recognized by the Bureau of Indian affairs as the federally recognized Cayuga leader.

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Social host law also up for discussion

Also at tonight’s meeting, the board will consider amending its social host law, now that marijuana use is legal for adults. The current law mentions only alcohol as a prohibited substance for those under 21 attending a party hosted by an adult 21 or older.