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SSI & SSDI: Can you get both at the same time?

Millions of Americans benefit from SSI and SSDI each month, but many may not know they can qualify for both at the same time.

social security card and cash representing benefits for SSDI and SSI

If you do end up getting both, your SSI benefit may be lowered by your SSDI benefit.

When receiving both benefits, it’s considered a concurrent benefit.

Social Security: How to tell which benefits you can receive

Who can get SSI and SSDI benefits?

SSDI is designed to help those with disabilities.

A disability is defined by the Social Security Administration as a physical or mental health condition severe enough to prevent you from working for at least a year.

How is SSI different than Social Security disability?

SSDI helps those with disabilities regardless of where they’re at financially.

SSI is designed to help people who are disabled and/or blind, or those ages 65 and up with little to no income.

If your SSDI exceeds $861 per month then you do not qualify for SSI.

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