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Social Security: How to tell which benefits you can receive

The Social Security Administration has a tool called the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool to help you see what you qualify for.

Social Security card with cash representing benefit payments

If you’re close to retiring or have become disabled or injured and it’s hindering working, you could use this.

You can learn what benefits you qualify for by using the benefit tool.

How to use the Social Security Administration Benefit Eligibility Tool

You will start by filling out a questionnaire about benefits.

You may choose from an array of different benefits offered by the SSA.

This includes

  • Disability assistance
  • Family benefits
  • Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Retirement
  • Spouse & widow
  • Supplement Security Income
  • Veterans benefits
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The questions touch on topics like marital status, income, birth date, and health.

Personal information like your Social Security number and name will not be required.

You will be given more information when you appear to qualify for a benefit.

When you should use this tool

If you’ve had a drastic change in your health and cannot work as much you should look into disability.

You and your spouse should look if you’re nearing retirement to plan ahead.

The tool works to help people prepare for the future.

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