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Social Security: How can I replace my Social Security card?

Social Security cards are an important document that helps with identity related things, like taxes.

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You need your Social Security number for things like taxes, applying for loans and even getting benefits.

Just knowing your number is often enough, and it’s encouraged you do not carry around the card because the information is so sensitive.

You may still need the card in some situations, so if you lost it, it’s important to replace it.

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How to replace your Social Security card

There are different ways to apply for a replacement card should you find yourself without yours.

You could apply online if you meet certain requirements.

You could also apply at the Post Office.

What conditions does the SSA consider a disability?

If you choose the Post Office option, you need a SS-5 applications and documents required.

This includes driver’s license, passport, or immigration papers.

Photocopies of original documents are not accepted.

If you’re missing these documents, the Administration may take an employee ID card, school ID card, health insurance card that isn’t Medicare, or a military ID.

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