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$750 payments- but only if you have a specific job

Minnesota residents who work certain jobs could get a $750 benefit.

$50 bills on table

It is estimated that over 660,000 residents will qualify.

Customers paying an extra $78 on their annual energy costs

What jobs qualify?

A bill called Frontline Worker Payments, has recently been signed. $550 million will go out in direct payments to eligible workers and small businesses. If everyone who is eligible applies, each applicant should get about $750. Read more about it here.

Jobs that will qualify you for the one-time stimulus include:

  • long-term care and home care
  • health care
  • emergency responders
  • public health, social service, regulator service
  • courts and corrections
  • child care
  • schools: charter, state, higher education
  • food service: production, processing, preparation, sale, delivery
  • retail: sales, fulfillment, distribution, delivery
  • temporary shelters and hotels
  • building services: maintenance, janitorial, security
  • public transit
  • ground and air transportation services
  • manufacturing
  • vocational rehabilitation

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