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Benefits of Online Gaming and eSports

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Advancement in technology has caused the online gaming industry to experience immense growth. The Improvement of the gaming experience has been the driving force behind these innovations. The gaming industry has graduated to the stage where players can have fun from the comfort of their homes, like real-time gaming with other players.

We’ve seen this new wave of technology extensively utilized by new online casino sites and the eSports sector; they’ve proven the possibilities to be endless. However, there have been several backlashes to the new developments, notably their adverse effects on human health.

Most of these rumored adverse effects are based on sentiments and unbacked by research. Meanwhile, we know that the gaming industry is constantly improving at serving its customers. Aside from contradicting most of these false claims, we will end the speculations about the health effects of gaming.

Advantages of Online Gaming and eSports

The advantages of online cut across all spheres of life. From mental health, physical health, social lifestyle, personal development, and even as a source of income.

  • Improvement of Brain Health

In 2017, a study on the influence of gaming on the hippocampal grey matter showed that older adults who gamed consistently had the likelihood of maintaining and improving the grey matter in their brain, allowing them to have similar accelerated brain function as seen in younger adults.

These improvements in areas like the cerebellum, right hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex are crucial to reducing the risks of age-related brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

  • Reduces Stress

Generally, having fun reduces stress; you shouldn’t expect having fun with online gaming to give you less. The entertainment and satisfaction that comes with the exercise can ease off the tension gotten from any previous activity.

 While we don’t advise gaming to be used as an escape route for your problems, you can think of it as more of a hobby. Hobbies are what we often love doing to while away time while keeping a clear head in the process. Having online gaming as part of your hobbies can go a long way in reducing your stress.

  • Promotes Critical Thinking

If you’ve been gaming for a while, this benefit appearing on the list shouldn’t be a surprise. Although you may not be able to grasp the level of its effectiveness, you do know that competitive gaming requires the gamer to think and react at a fast pace to remain competitive. This single cause might be what separates a gamer from a regular individual.

While competitive eSports gamers will often feel more effects when they leave the controller and screen to interact with the physical world, recreational gamers will also experience heightened senses, especially if they play strategy-dependent games like COD or Fortnite.

  • Improves Social and Communication Skills

If you stopped gaming in the 90s, you might disagree with this because it wasn’t quite possible at that period. However, these days gaming has evolved beyond playing with the COM or requiring the visit of a friend before you can enjoy some social experience.

Team-centered games like COD, Fortnite, and EA Sports Football Club are now equipped with features that allow live communication with teammates. This, in turn, improves the cooperation of gamers and improves the overall compatibility of a gamer in a team.

  • Provides a Source of Income

The online gaming industry has evolved from a recreational exercise to actual professional practice. We’ve seen the emergence of multiple eSports leagues worldwide with winning prizes far above global minimum wages, which shows the lucrative nature of the industry.


We often look at the addictive nature of most games and wave a red flag. Meanwhile, in a sense, gaming seems to be doing more good than we portray. Many e-gaming firms are improving their online business. Without a doubt, the future of online gaming looks promising. Also, with the emergence of web3.0 and the metaverse, we will be breaking new grounds.

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