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Pressure washer recall due to carbon monoxide hazard

These pressure washers are being recalled.

Recalled pressure washer. Photo sourced from Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Generac Power Systems recalls Generac and DR Power electric start pressure washers.

Due to carbon monoxide hazard.

Motorcycle recall due to crash hazard

Pressure washer recall

The company Generac Power Systems is recalling their pressure washers.

The company took the Consumer Product Safety Commission to spread the word of this recall.

The recall is due to a carbon monoxide hazard.

These washer can start are their own because the electronic start and stop button can malfunction.

If the washer is left in a confined space this can pose carbon monoxide poisoning.

Their is seven different models included in this recall.

Bellow is the product name, model number and serial numbers

  • 3125 CON GAS PW ES SPEEDWASH CARB EPA3 – G0071431 – 3006132052-3006132052


  • DR Pressure Washer PRO 3100 – DPW3100DEN – 3003024185-3004600505


  • 3125 CON GAS PW ES SPEEDWASH CARB EPA3 – G0071430 – 3002778837-3005933361


  • DR Pressure Washer PRO 3100 – DPW3101DEN – 3003074891-3004603299


  • 3125 CON GAS PW ES CARB EPA3 – G0071321 -3003692980-3009910753


  • DR Pressure Washer PRO 3100 – DPW3102DEN – 3006177112-3008763507


  • 3125 CON GAS PW ES CARB EPA3 – G0071320 – 3002690991-3005933713

Their is 53,000 units in the U.S. affected by this recall.

They were sold at home improvements stores nationwide and online.

The stores are listed below

  • Walmart
  • Ace Hardware
  • True Value
  • Amazon
  • Tractor Supply
  • City Electric Supply
  • Ravitsky Bros.
  • Costco
  • Power Equipment Direct
  • Do It Best
  • Orgill
  • eBay
  • Essendant
  • Menard’s
  • Fastenal
  • Lowe’s Stores
  • Home Depot

From February 2018 through February 2022.

If you have purchased one of these stop use or remove the rechargeable battery.

And the contact Generac to get the stop/start switch replaced.

Generac is working on contacting all known buyers.

If you have any questions regarding this recall you can call 855-625-2933 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..

To speak to a representative.

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