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11 interesting jobs for teenagers and young adults looking to get work experience

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Getting the right job as a teenager can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to find one that will give you some practical experience to take with you to your next job. After all, the point of having a job is not just to get a paycheck, and learning something from your job is a goal you should have. If you’re young and looking to gain some work experience, here are some great jobs to consider:

1. Barista

A barista makes coffee either at a coffee shop or a food store that offers coffee. This customer service-oriented job requires you to be good with people. While working with people is a perk of being a barista. You’ll also be learning skills such as taking inventory, answering customers’ questions, and keeping the store nice and clean. These are skills that you may very well use again in future jobs.

2. Babysitter/Child Care Attendant

Being a babysitter or child care attendant in a daycare center can be fun and educational if you love kids. You’ll learn that there is more to this career than just playing with babies. You learn skills that teach you to be well organized, alert, and good at monitoring certain situations. Babysitters can make good hourly wages, and most daycare centers pay well these days, so you’ll be able to learn from the job and make some good money.

3. Private Tutor

Suppose you’re outstanding in a certain subject area, such as English or math. In that case, you might want to consider being a private tutor. Tutors get paid by the hour and can easily make $15 to $20 per hour. You can get clients quickly whether you’re in high school or even college because there are always students who need your help. It’s also a job where you can work your hours and take on as many or as few clients as you wish.

4. House Cleaner

People are always willing to pay other people to clean their houses. If you are too young to get a regular job, you can always work as a housekeeper. Housekeepers do things such as sweep and mop floors, clean bathrooms, vacuum carpet, dust, clean kitchens, and sometimes even wash clothes or clean windows. Many housekeepers charge one rate for smaller homes and another for bigger homes. However, you’ll always make good money when you decide to clean houses for people.

5. Landscape Labor Worker

If you work for a landscaping company, you’ll be doing things such as mowing lawns, trimming bushes and trees, planting seedlings, and watering lawns, among other tasks. You can work for yourself or a company, and since people are willing to pay good money for people to take care of their lawns, you can expect to earn $10 to $15 per hour. This isn’t a job for people who don’t love physical labor, but it could be for you if you love working outdoors.

6. Dog Walker

Dog walking is fun for people who love animals. Dogs have to be walked daily, and many people don’t have the time to walk their dogs themselves and therefore hire others to do it for them. Being a dog walker means working at various times of the day to take dogs for a walk, and you might be in charge of one dog or several of them. Dog walkers can make about $10 per hour and have a very flexible schedule, and it isn’t exactly a difficult job, either.

7. Web Designer

Web designers can easily make around $20 per hour or more. You’ll never run out of clients because many people aren’t able to develop their websites or don’t have time to do it. Designing a great-looking website is a skill not everyone has, and if you know how to do it, people are willing to pay good money for it. Web designing is one job that you’ll be able to stick with for many years because there is a great need.

8. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers can deliver flowers, prescriptions, car parts, lab samples, and more. If you like to drive but still want to feel like you’re doing something important, being a delivery driver might be for you. And usually, you’ll be driving a company vehicle instead of your own, which means you won’t have to spend your own money on gas and upkeep of your vehicle.

9. Restaurant Host/Hostess

Being a host/hostess at a restaurant is a relatively simple but essential job. You’ll be greeting customers and showing them some excellent customer service so that they can develop a good impression of the restaurant. A host/hostess is a great PR position and is the perfect career for people who love working with other people. It also teaches you a lot about PR and how to please customers.

10. Retail Sales Associate

This is a good position for people who like to stay active while on the job and love helping people. You’ll be ringing up customers, putting out inventory, keeping track of that inventory, and ensuring the store stays clean. You’ll work under supervision, but it’s a very people-oriented job that you’ll get much satisfaction from if you’re a people person. You’ll also have to be familiar with the store’s inventory to answer customer questions, but that usually doesn’t take too long to learn.

11. Grocery Store Cashier

Cashiers stay busy because they constantly take care of their customers who need to have their groceries rung up on the cash register. It can be hectic at times, especially when tons of customers are in the store. However, it’s a tremendous people-oriented job that sometimes allows you to do other things, such as stock and dust shelves. But mainly, it involves ringing up groceries and merchandise for the customers.

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