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Recall: Grain bowl causing health risk

These grain bowls are being recalled.

Product recall

Produce Packaging, Inc. recalls Red Curry Grain Bowl and Barcelona Vinaigrette Grain Bowl.

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Grain Bowl Recall

Produce Packaging, Inc. is recalling two kinds of their grain bowls.

Their Red curry bowl and their Barcelona Vinaigrette bowl due to possible health risk.

These bowl contain undeclared wheat.

This poses a threat to anyone with a wheat allergy or sensitivity.

People with severe sensitivity could experience life threating reactions if they consume this product.

The bowls will have the following best buy dates

4/12/22 – 4/20/22

And were sold in stores through out Ohio and Illinois.

If you have purchased these products do not eat them.

Return them or a full refund or throw them away.

If you have any questions can call 216-391-6129 to speak to a representative.

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