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Federal support for renters was rejected- you can still get help

A $146 million dollar proposal to help renters has been rejected.

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The Governor of Arkansas claims that the state doesn’t need federal dollars.

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Why was the proposal rejected?

The Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, rejected a federal proposal for rental assistance. Hutchinson claims that the state doesn’t need federal dollars. Arkansas has a low unemployment rate, healthy economy and left over federal funding so they decided to reject the funding. Read more about it here.

Governor Hutchinson added that the existing rental assistance programs they have currently should suffice. Arkansas still has almost $20 million left from the first round of rental assistance from the federal government.

Arkansas and Nebraska are the only two states that haven’t made funding from the second phase of the pandemic available.

Despite this, you can still get rental assistance in Arkansas. The state programs may not be able to provide rental aid directly, but there is money available. Check out the Emergency Solutions Grant Program if you are in need.

Some of the funding given out by the program includes:

  • street outreach
  • homelessness prevention
  • rapid re-housing
  • emergency shelter

You must apply for the funding through the organization in your county.

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