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SYRACUSE SPEAKS: Playoff Bound! Probably. More than likely. Let’s assume (podcast)

In this episode Alex Ackerman discusses the Crunch’s Calder Cup playoff picture, all she has to go on are the clinching scenarios, but those are certainly promising. She discusses how special this season has become for the fans and enthuses about how much things have changed for Syracuse over the past few weeks. Alex covers the ever-shifting landscape of the AHL’s North Division and takes a look at the schedules of three teams around Syracuse in the standings; Laval, Belleville, and Toronto, who ironically are going to be playing each several times during the final week of the season. Alex makes a bold prediction that Syracuse’s playoff seeding will come down to their last game of the season, a home contest against Laval.

Alex then runs down some stats for the team. She covers the usual suspects like Gabriel Dumont, Alex Barre-Boulet, Charles Hudon and Max Lagace, but also looks how Syracuse’s players are doing against the rest of the league. She takes a look at how the special teams are going, a stat bolstered by recent power play success: the Crunch had four power play goals in two games over the weekend thanks to Dumont, Hudon, Riley Nash and Anthony Richard. She ends with a look at how defensive prospect Nick Perbix is fitting in with the team and how he has contributed to the Crunch’s recent success.