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Volkswagen recall due to multiple defects

These Volkswagen cars are being recalled.

Volkswagen recall

Volkswagen cars being recalled due to multiple defects.

Fire hazards and incorrect child seats.

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Volkswagen Recall

Volkswagen id recalling their Tiguan vehicle model.

Specifically ones made between 2017 and 2021.

Which is over 6,500 cars.

These models have a rear hatch spoiler that was not installed correctly.

This means that the spoilers may become detached without warning.

Volkswagen dealerships will fix your spoiler if you have purchased one of these vehicles.


Audi Recall

Not only is there a Volkswagen recall but Audi is also recalling several of their models.

Audi is recalling the following models

  • R8
  • A3
  • S3

The Audi R8 is the most serious out of all of the recalled vehicles.

These cars were made with transmissions that did not receive a proper gear oil fill.

This could cause clutch wear, drivability issues.

And the transmissions could leak oily foam through their breather outlets.

Which could potentially catch fire.

Their is only about 10 cars included in the R8 recall.

The Audi A3 and S3 are being recalled.

Due to the models having the wrong symbol on their child seat anchors.

If you have purchased any of these Audi or Volkswagen models contact the dealership of purchase.

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