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Hair Transplant Innovations in Turkey: Painless Hair Transplantation

Hair loss, which is more common in men, proceeds differently in everyone. Genetic heritage eating habits influence hair loss. You may experience one or more conditions; weakening of the hair, loss of density from the top of the head or temples, sudden hair loss, hair thinning. Regardless of the reason, a hair transplant is a permanent hair loss solution that allows almost every man to get the hair he dreams of.

Hair Transplant – The Golden Key to Every Success

In an emergency, men like to use anti-hair loss preparations. However, these promise only short-term relief. The net deduction comes back as soon as you sell the funds again. Fortunately, there is a long-term solution, hair transplantation. The treating doctor satisfactorily fills in light blemishes, hairlines, and bald spots with the help of your hair. After a regeneration phase of about twelve months, hair appears permanently fresher, thicker, and stronger. The youthful, fresh glow is back. And this now takes a lifetime.

For many hair loss sufferers, this sounds too good to be true. Only before and after hair transplant pictures can convince you. After just a few months, the light spots are no longer recognizable in most patients. Transplants almost completely occupy the flexural space.

Estepera Clinic: Ends Hair Loss

Patients considering hair transplant Istanbul are happy to deliver to experienced hands. Estepera Clinic, in the heart of the Turkish metropolis, is at the forefront with its experienced staff in Estepera, one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Europe. However, Estepera employees, who spoke English, French, Arabic, German, and many other languages ​​long before the clinical management, are intensely interested in aesthetic hair surgery. Estepera Clinic has over 15 years of experience.

DHI Hair Transplantation Process and Natural Appearance of Hair Transplantation

Today, we can talk about the DHI technique as the method that gives the most natural hair transplant results in Turkey. The factor that gives this natural result is the direct transplantation of hair follicles without opening channels. Knowing how to give the right angle and direction to the hair follicles (when the hair follicle is placed) makes a difference in natural results.

When a doctor performs operations with the classical FUE method, they transplant the hair follicle into the skin with two movements while opening the canal, and this leads to transplantation. Minor changes in angle and direction may occur in this two-stage planting process. In the DHI method, the directions and angles of the hair follicles are more accurate because the doctor transplants hair follicles in one step. Here, the experience of the person who performs the placement and transplantation of hair follicles in the Choi implanter pen is very important.

Another innovation that has been put into practice apart from the surgical process is laser therapy. Sapphire FUE treatment, which accelerates the recovery process after the operation, is applied to the person the day after the operation and provides the intense and beneficial energy that the hair follicles need to receive.

Healthier Hair Roots with Sapphire FUE Treatment

The first two days after the hair transplant operation in Turkey is very important. In other words, it is essential that the patient does not smoke/alcohol or do not do heavy physical activity on the day of hair transplantation. Apart from this, a doctor recommends taking drugs that accelerate blood flow. The day after hair transplantation, the doctor performs an analysis to ensure that the hair follicles have a sufficient amount of blood supply. If necessary, interventions can be made to ensure healthier hair follicle growth with small interventions. The most important treatment after hair transplantation is laser treatment.

And the way to fuller hair works like this:

  • First, hollow needle grafts are opened from the donor area.
  • Meanwhile, it deposits them in a special nutrient-rich solution.
  • Meanwhile, it uses a sapphire blade to make small, V-shaped channels for grafts on the scalp.
  • Carefully inserts the graft into the channels.

Hair Transplant in Turkey – Cheaper Than Expected

European countries and Turkey show great differences in terms of price for hair transplantation. The clear winner in Turkey. In the idyllic resort area, the cost of thicker hair is up to 50% lower than in Europe. Estepera Clinic offers the price difference in the calculable all-inclusive packages. Special feature: Costs do not include operation only. The patient has many more reasons to be happy. Those waiting for him in hair transplantation in Turkey:

  • Overnight in luxury star hotels
  • Service
  • In-depth consultation by experts
  • Expert care from the best-trained health personnel (pre-and post-care)
  • Including needle-free anesthesia (ideal for anxious patients)

Overall, Estepera Clinic has a surgeon of choice from start to finish. His many years of experience, good knowledge of grammar, modern clinic, and course the cost of blond hair transplant Turkey make him a leader in hair transplant in Europe.

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