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Supplement recall due to child safety issue

These supplements are being recalled

Supplement recall. Photo sourced from Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Rae Wellness recalls prenatal and immunity dietary supplements.

Due to failure to meet child resistant packaging requirement.

Refrigerators causing fall hazard

Supplement recall

These prenatal and immune products are being recalled due to the packaging not being child resistant.

If a package is not child resistant it means that if it gets into the hands of a child they can easily open it.

Posing a risk of poisoning.

The Rea Wellness Prenatak and Immunity capsules were sold in 60- capsule bottles.

They bottles have “Rae” in yellow lettering and “Prenatal” or ‘Immunity” printed on the label.

There is 191,200 units affected by this recall.

These supplements were sold in Target stores nationwide.

And were also sold online at the following websites


From September 2020 through February 2022.

If you have purchased these recalled product store them out of reach of children.

And contact the place of purchase for a refund.

Anyone with questions regarding this recall can call 888-258-0910 to talk to a representative.

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