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Refrigerators causing fall hazard

These refrigerators are being recalled.

Photo of recalled refrigerators. Photos sourced from Consumer Product Safety Comission.

GE Appliances, a Haier Company, recalls bottom freezer, French door refrigerators due to fall hazard.

Toy recall caused by choking hazard

Refrigerator recall

These French door fridges are being recalled due to fall hazards.

The freezer handle on these fridges can detach when a user tries to open the drawer.

This can result in the person falling.

So far their has been 71 reports of these drawer handles detaching.

37 reported injuries, three of them were serious fall injuries.

There’s is about 155,000 affected fridges in this recall.

The exact product is the GE- brand French Door Refrigerators.

With bottom freezers in fingerprint resistant stainless steel.

The recalled product will have on of the following model numbers

  • They will also have one of the following serial numbers
  • FR
  • GR
  • HR
  • LR
  • MR
  • RR
  • SR
  • TR
  • VR
  • ZR
  • AS
  • DS
  • FS
  • GS
  • HS
  • LS
  • MS

These fridges were sold at Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s and other home appliance stores nationwide.

They were also sold online at and from February 2020 through January 2022.

If you have purchased one of these refrigerators contact GE Appliance for a free in-home service call to get the freezer handle replaced.

You can call 888-345-4671 to talk to a representative.

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