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Employment: Could there be a 4 day work week for some Americans?

California has been in the spotlight often for finding ways to help its residents. Another way to help employment is by offering a 4 day work week.

people working a four day work week as employment

The bill that legislatures are considering would let companies with 500 or more employees have 4 day work weeks.

The bill allows for the work day to still be 8 hours and any time worked past that point is overtime.

Full 5 day, 8 hour work days would still be allowed but hours past 32 would could as time and a half.

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The bill protect employees from having their salaries lowered if their hours are reduced.

Over 2,500 businesses will be impacted.

3.5 million employees working at these businesses would be impacted if the bill passes.

The proposal and its impact on employment explained

The bill is called AB 2932.

It was proposed in Feb. 2022 and has been being amended since.

The Committee of Labor and Employment are currently considering the bill.

The California Chamber of Commerce does not support the bill and believes it will create more labor costs for companies by 10%.

The overall goal would be to increase worker productivity while making their personal lives better.

There have been no votes held on the bill and legislation has until Aug. 31 to send the bill to Governor Gavin Newsom.

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