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Employment: Working here could earn you $1,000 for not calling in

One airline is offering their employees a $1,000 bonus if they don’t call in between April 8 and May 31, 2022. This is to incentivize employment with the airline.

boarding pass for airline where employment is offered incentives for working

JetBlue is offering this incentive to their full time flight attendants.

The reason is because the spring season is expected to be busier than normal due to finally being able to travel following the pandemic.

Full time flight attendants are promised the $1,000 bonus and part timers could see $500.

The airline offered a similar bonus ahead of the holidays in November of 2021.

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That offer went toward full time employees who did not call in between Nov. 22 and Jan. 5 who worked 100 hours.

It was also worth $1,000.

Despite the bonus, the airline had to cancel 1,200 flights due to staff shortages around New Year’s.

JetBlue plans to hire 700 flight attendants to help with the staffing issues and is hopeful the incentive helps the spring season.

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