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Swai recall due to lack of reinspection

This swai is being recalled.

Swai recall alert.

Corfu Foods, Inc. recalls swai products.

Imported without import reinspection.

Sodium Hydroxide recall due to child safety issue

Swai recall

6,570 pounds of fish products imported from Vietnam are being recalled.

Due to the fact that they did not get presented for import reinspection into the U.S..

The affected products include the following

15-lb. bulk corrugated box packages containing various sizes of “PACIFIC DYNASTY SWAI FILLETS” and lot code VN 461 VI 354.

The fish was sold to restaurants, retail locations and institutions in the following states

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin

So far there has been no reported cases of illness due to this fish recall.

If you have purchased this recalled fish do not consume it.

Return it for a refund or throw it

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