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Kratom Grams to Teaspoons

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Beginners to kratom can find it difficult and overwhelming when it comes to determining dosage. Even when there is an experienced kratom user at hand to provide guidance, sometimes these recommendations come in different measurement units.


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Why The Confusion?

Although kratom powder is the most popular form of kratom, one of its main drawbacks is the need to measure out the dose of kratom. Some users are more meticulous and measure out their doses using a digital weighing scale. Meanwhile, some users that do not have access to a digital scale or are more experienced may eyeball their dose or use a teaspoon to measure out their dose.


Is It Important To Measure Kratom?

Yes, it is important to measure kratom as it provides the optimum quantity of alkaloids required without going overboard. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynnie in different concentrations can result in different reactions in the body. Therefore, a measured dose is needed to get it right.


Measuring Kratom

While a digital scale is the most accurate way to measure out your kratom dose, there are also some other common tools in the house that can be used. However, users should bear in mind that not all teaspoons and tablespoons are created equally.


By using a teaspoon or tablespoon to measure kratom, there will be slight variations even with different kratom strains or how fine the kratom powder is ground. For example, a tablespoon of Bali kratom could weigh 6.2 grams while a tablespoon of maeng da weighs 7.0 grams. Meanwhile, a teaspoon of kratom powder weighs about 2 grams while a teaspoon of crushed leaf weighs an estimated 0.9 grams.


Converting Teaspoons to Grams

Converting teaspoons to grams is not as easy as it seems as every substance measures differently. A substance with a finer texture will measure more than another with a coarser texture. For example, fine salt (about 5.9 grams) will weigh more in grams than it would sugar (4.2 grams). On the other hand, a teaspoon of flour only weighs 2.6 grams.


For kratom, a teaspoon weighs approximately between 2.0 to 2.3 grams. Again, this depends on other factors as well such as the kratom strain involved and how finely it is ground.


Converting Tablespoons to Grams

As previously mentioned, the weight of each tablespoon depends on the substance measured. Generally, a tablespoon is three times the size of a teaspoon. For kratom, a tablespoon weighs an estimated 6.0 to 7.0 grams. The end result depends on the strain, if the tablespoon is of standard size, and how finely ground it is.


Converting Teaspoons or Tablespoons to Capsules

If measurements are too much of an issue, taking kratom in capsule form is an easy and convenient method that also hides the smell and taste of kratom. However, some users find capsules to be more expensive compared to kratom powder. For users previously taking kratom in capsule form and wanting to convert to using teaspoons, it first depends on the size of capsules used.


On average, a capsule holds about 0.5 grams of kratom. Since a teaspoon of kratom weighs about 2.0 to 2.3 grams, it is estimated that about 4 capsules are equivalent to a teaspoon. For a tablespoon of kratom that ranges from 6.2 to 7.0 grams, about 12 kratom capsules are equivalent to a tablespoon.


How To Accurately Measure Kratom Using Spoons

Far from perfect, spoons are definitely not the most accurate way to measure kratom. However, there is a way to increase the accuracy of measuring kratom using spoons. After taking a spoonful of kratom powder, gently compress the powder using a knife or card. Next, level the powder with the top of the spoon by using a knife or card to scrape the excess off. To improve the accuracy of measuring using a spoon, do the best at measuring using a spoon and weigh it using a digital scale to compare the accuracy using the spoons method.


The Most Precise Method To Measure Kratom

Without a doubt, the best way to measure kratom is to use a digital scale. This method provides the most precision so that users are able to get the exact dose every time. Digital scales are now very affordable. When choosing one, purchase one that can measure to the first decimal place at minimum. For example, choose a scale that can weigh 1.3 grams instead of just saying 1 gram.


When using the digital scale, make sure that the scale is “zeroed” before weighing to ensure that the reading is accurate. If the kratom powder is weighed in a bowl or container, place the container on the scale first before “zeroing” it. Next, add in the kratom powder.


For users who find measuring kratom using the digital scale to be troublesome, it can be done in advance by measuring out the dosage taken and putting it into reusable sealable bags that can be packed daily. Another method would be to make DIY kratom capsules.


How Many Spoons of Kratom Should I Take?

Determining the amount of kratom that users should take depends on a wide variety of factors including the user’s age, weight, health status, etcetera. This is why users are encouraged to experiment to find their optimal dose. This can be defined as the lowest dose used to achieve their desired effects. Users can do this by starting with a small amount of kratom and gradually increasing their dose until it reaches the effects they want.



If users are able to weigh their dosage using a digital scale, that is the best method that recommended especially for kratom beginners. However, if it is not possible, do not eyeball the dose as it can lead to an overdose that results in unwanted side effects. Instead, prepare kratom doses in advance for the week by storing a dose in a sealable bag or make DIY kratom capsules. Using teaspoons and tablespoons are also acceptable ways of measuring kratom especially for more experienced kratom users.

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