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IRS: I need a tax extension, how do I file for one?

The 2022 tax season is almost over with around two weeks remaining, so if you need an extension from the IRS, you need to request it.

tax forms used to file income tax with the irs

The deadline is usually April 15, but this year it will be April 18.

This is in honor of Emancipation Day, which falls on April 15 this year.

The offices in Washington D.C. will be closed in honor of the holiday, pushing the date out to the next business day.

Maine and Massachusetts have a deadline of April 19 in honor of Patriot’s Day, which lands on April 18.

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How do I ask the IRS for an extension?

The deadline for asking for a 6 month extension is April 18, the same day your returns are due.

There are three ways you can request an extension.

If you get the extension, you’ll have until Oct. 18 to file.

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If you owe, you need to estimate the taxes owed and pay them to avoid any penalties.

One way to request an extension is through Free File with the IRS, regardless of what your income may be.

You may also pay the estimated amount due to show the IRS the payment is for an extension.

You can do this with Direct Pay, EFTPS, or by credit or debit card.

Finally, you can file form 4868 by paper and include your estimated payment to send by mail.

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