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Workers Compensation: Applying for the benefit in 2022

Many Americans feel they are entitled to workers compensation, but what exactly is that and how do you get it?

employee working who could apply for workers compensation if injured

Workers comp is designed to pay an employees medical bills and some wages because of an injury or illness they received on the job.

The compensation is considered “no fault” so if a worker takes it, they can’t sue the employer.

You must fill out a claim to receive this benefit.

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How does workers compensation work?

The employer must pay for the insurance that is workers compensation.

Each state is required to purchase it except Texas.

There are only four states that do not let employers buy their compensation through a private market.

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Those are

  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

If an employee is hurt on the job, regardless of what happened, they can file a workers comp claim.

The employer may not retaliate against the employee for it.

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How do you claim workers compensation?

The employer needs to be informed in writing of the claim by the employee or their representative.

Employers must accept the claim and follow the rules of the state.

The employer will usually give the employee a list of doctors that can treat the illness or injury.

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