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Reasons why Ethereum is volatile

Often Ethereum is called the second most well-known crypto after Bitcoin. However, this digital asset is not only an exchange medium. It is known to be a computing network that is decentralized and created on blockchain technology.You can go URL for more information

Crypto investors had a rough time during September, particularly those who invested big on Ethereum. Its price fell 13% for September. It was its second massive monthly fall in the last year.

It is challenging to link such short-term movement of price to some particular event. Also, the cryptocurrency world has seen a historic march over the last year. So there is an expectation of pullbacks.

Crypto is synonymous with the word volatility because this market is still new on the blockchain. However, there are some degrees of volatility within the cryptocurrency market.

At the beginning of 2021, Ethereum turned out to be highly volatile depending upon its past 20 days’ standard deviation. It reported 18.70 billion average volumes in the past three months. In January its price was only a bit more than $1000. The price then rose to reach$4878.26, the high of all time on 10th November. But from then, it did not stop falling.

Investors are troubled by one question is why is Ethereum so volatile? A few factors determine the fluctuation of Ethereum.

  • The primary reason for the decline in price is the worsening crackdown that happened in China.
  • Last year in June, over 25 huge crypto mining projects that operated in Sichuan’s southwest province were ordered to be closed permanently by Chinese authorities.
  • Currently, China accounts for over half of the total mining production of Bitcoin that takes place worldwide.
  • So this crackdown in the country has made the prices of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum get into a spin.
  • They have vowed to top mining and trading of cryptocurrency as part of the measures directed to control financial risk in China.
  • In Beijing, the government cited environmental concerns and ordered some state electricity organizations not to supply the crypto mining projects electricity.
  • They also told the domestic banks of the country and other payment platforms to withdraw their support on the cryptocurrency transactions.
  • The government even threatened retaliation if not one complied.
  • Thus from the time of this crackdown in China that began at May’s end, Ethereum has been one of the digital currencies that has been staggering.
  • Ethereum got launched in 2014. The market of Ethereum, along with its trading, is highly liquid.
  • However, the discovery of prices is happening fast as Ethereum is building its price.
  • Moreover, the market of cryptocurrency is thriving on speculation.
  • Investors usually bet that digital currencies’ prices will increase or fall to earn profits.
  • Such speculative bets lead to the money influx or outgo suddenly and cause high volatility.
  • These digital assets have no physical currency or commodity backing.
  • Thus their price is entirely determined by the supply and demand laws.
  • Due to the absence of different stabilizing factors such as backing from the government, many reasons can cause the supply or demand’s fluctuation.
  • The blockchain and the technologies on which Ethereum functions are constantly evolving.
  • It has been long since the idea of Ethereum was proposed.
  • If a smart contract does not get validating with the expected timeframe, scalability issues are seen, which creates downward pressure suddenly.
  • Compared to the stock market, the crypto market does not require expertise.
  • Hence part-timers invest in it with a hope to make fast profits.
  • But sometimes, their patience is lost if this does not occur, and they withdraw from the investment.
  • Such involvement along with withdrawal often causes volatility.


Investors should now observe Ethereum thoroughly. Be alert about its price and stay well informed about the news of the whole crypto market. Once there is a fallback in the volatility, prices will stabilize and start to move higher, then all investors may consider including Ethereum in their portfolio. Till then, there will be a considerable risk. Remember that some crypto skeptics forecast that the crypto market will be collapsing and Ethereum prices will become zero. Such a scenario must be skipped. Keep in mind that Ethereum is bluechip in the cryptocurrency space and drives the market’s overall sentiment.

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