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FAFSA: How to fill out the form

FAFSA is a form under the Department of Education that helps provide financial assistance to families sending a child off to college.

financial aid fafsa paperwork

Each year it is estimated the department pays for $112 billion in financial aid for students.

Millions of dollars are missed out on each year.

Don’t miss out on $1,000s in financial aid for college

How does FAFSA work?

Depending on your situation and education, there are different options that may fit your needs under FAFSA.

There are different ways to go about your education.

You could choose to go to a community college and earn a two year degree, to 4-year colleges, or even trade school.

Schools you have in mind can direct you to their financial aid offices to learn more about grants offered through the state and colleges.

FAFSA 2022 explained

Once you submit your FAFSA you will see a financial aid report detailing what student aid you can get.

The report covers the types of grants, loans, and aid you could see.

If you applied to multiple schools you can compare the different financial aid packages to make the best choice.

A FAFSA needs to be done for every school year.

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