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FAFSA: Don’t miss out on $1,000s in financial aid for college

As March comes to a close, millions of high school seniors are almost to the end of school. This means many are thinking about their FAFSA and college.

financial aid paperwork for FAFSA application

FAFSA provides eligible students with thousands of dollars in financial aid toward a college education.

To get financial aid from the state or federal government, you need to file a FAFSA application.

Over $120 billion is given to students every year in the form of grants, work studies, and low interest loans.

Get refunds on student loan repayments

The money is designed to help those coming from low and middle income families pay for college.

Studies show that millions of dollars are left unclaimed each year that students could qualify for.

Deadlines for the FAFSA application

FAFSA filing is free, you do not need to pay anyone to complete it for you like a tax return.

There are college, state, and federal deadlines, all of which you must keep in mind if you’re trying to get all the help you can.

Different states have different FAFSA deadlines for various grants or scholarships.

FAFSA 2022 explained

These were first reported by The Sun.

  • Alaska: June 30 for the Alaska performance scholarship
  • Arkansas: July 1 for the Academic Challenge and ArFuture grant
  • California: September 2 for additional community college grants
  • Delaware: April 15
  • Florida: May 15
  • Indiana: April 15 for the Frank O’Bannon grant and the 21st Century scholarship
  • Iowa: July 1
  • Kansas: April 1
  • Maine: May 1
  • Massachusetts: May 1
  • Michigan: May 1
  • Mississippi: April 30 for the HELP grant; October 15 for the MTAG and MESG grants
  • New Jersey: April 15 for renewal applicants; September 15 for the fall and spring terms
  • Ohio: October 1
  • Pennsylvania: May 1 but August 1 for first-time applicants enrolled in community college, business, trade or technical school, hospital school of nursing, designated Pennsylvania open-admission institution or nontransferable two-year program
  • South Carolina: June 30 for tuition grants
  • Tennessee: September 1 for state lottery for fall term
  • West Virginia: April 15 for WV higher education grant

Student Loans: $2,500 deduction available for interest

You may learn more about your state or college by contacting the financial aid office directly.

Where can I fill out a FAFSA?

You can file a FAFSA using the government education website.

Other options include using the myStudentAid app on smartphones or filing the paper form and sending it by mail.

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