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Social Security & SSDI: Can I claim both benefits?

Americans are feeling the financial pressure as inflation increases the cost of living, and many are researching Social Security or SSDI benefits.

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In retirement, people try to claim all the benefits they can, but it isn’t always possible to get every benefit the SSA offers.

Even if you can only get one benefit, you can maximize it.

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Claiming Social Security, SSDI, and SSI

Social Security benefits normally cannot be combined with SSDI.

A person can claim SSDI and SSI together.

If you are one of these people, you should see what the benefit for SSDI and SSI are combined. You can compare it to regular SS benefits.

How do I get SSDI?

There are two major requirements for getting SSDI.

First, you need to have worked jobs that are covered by Social Security.

Next, you need to have a medical condition that the SSA recognizes as a disability. It must last at least one year or until death.

Monthly payments are made to those who qualify.

You’ll receive them until you can work again.

If you are still getting SSDI when you reach full retirement age, you’ll have your benefits switched to Social Security.

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