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SSDI: States that pay bigger benefits to their residents

SSDI benefits are collected by millions of Americans each month, which helps cover their daily costs if they become disabled while working.

SSDI forms

The Social Security Administration handles this program.

While working, Americans pay into Social Security Disability Insurance, which insures payment for if they become disabled.

Dependents of disabled workers may claim the benefit as well.

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The funds are there to cover the loss that happens when someone becomes disabled and can no longer earn the same income.

According to AS, one out of every four workers in the United States will claim SSDI.

The definition of a disability for receiving SSDI is someone who cannot work due to a severe medical condition that has lasted or is expected to last one year or until death.

SSI: Two payments worth $1,682 in April 2022

States and the size of the SSDI checks

The average check size in 2019 was $1,234.

Things like state size and the level of approval rating can impact the size of the check.

States with the highest benefits

  • New Jersey: $1,388
  • Delaware: $1,348
  • Nevada: $1,321
  • Connecticut: $1,308
  • Maryland: $1,308
  • Arizona: $1,307

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States with the lowest benefits

  • South Dakota: $1,168
  • North Dakota: $1,176
  • Maine: $1,179
  • Nebraska: $1,183
  • Vermont: $1,186
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