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Milk recall due to contamination

This brand of milk is being recalled due to contamination.

Recalled milk. Photo sourced from FDA

Plastikon Healthcare issues voluntary nationwide recall and several milks due to microbial contamination.

Helmet recall due to risk of head injury

Milk Recall

These are the product names, lot numbers and expiration dates of the affected milks.

Milk of Magnesia 2400 mg/30 mL Oral Suspension

  • 20024A/Mar 2022
  • 20025A/Mar 2022
  • 20041A/May 2022

Magnesium Hydroxide1200mg/ Aluminum Hydroxide 1200mg/Simethicone 120mg per 30 mL

  • 20042A/May 2022
  • 20043A/May 2022
  • 20045A/May 2022
  • 20046A/May 2022
  • 20047A/May 2022
  • 21067A/Jun 2023

Acetaminophen 650mg/20.3mL

  • 20040A/May 2022

These products were shipped to hospitals, nursing homes and clinics nationwide.

If you have any of these products return all the quarantined products to the place of purchase.

These products cause the risk of intestinal distress in healthy people.

For those with compromised immune systems have a higher chance of developing a wide-spread.

And potentially life- threating infection.

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