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Medicaid: Income requirements for the program

Medicaid is designed to help Americans considered low income afford healthcare. Requirements differ between states.

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The Affordable Care Act increased the income requirements in order to make Medicaid more available to Americans.

While this was a good thing, over 28 million Americans still did not have healthcare in 2020.

12 states still have not expanded their programs with over 2 million residents stuck in the income gap that disqualifies them.

Social Security & Medicare, signing up for both

These individuals do not make enough to get Affordable Car Act plans, but they make too much for Medicaid.

How much do you need to make to get Medicaid?

This healthcare is funded together by both the federal and state government for each state.

The goal is to provide coverage to parents, children, pregnant women, elderly, and disabled individuals.

Medicaid: Does the state or federal government run it?

The federal government laid out the basic requirements. States can expand on the basics.

For the Affordable Care Act, people must make up to 138 of the federal poverty level.

For Medicaid, states set the income so there is no uniform rule.

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