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Additional income could affect your tax return

Earning extra income with a side hustle could affect your tax refund.

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Here are five things Americans with additional income should know.

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1.Additional income is taxable

Regardless of the nature of the work, additional income is taxable. Find more information on it here.

Earning extra money outside of your full-time job often feels unimportant. However, all additional income is taxable.

If your side hustle makes at least $400, then it needs to be reported to the IRS.

There could be serious consequences if you fail to report. That includes the IRS failure-to-file penalty. That penalty is a charge from the government based on the income that wasn’t reported.

2.Side hustle income is probably self-employment income

The additional income is most likely considered self-employment income. This would put you in the same tax bracket has a sole proprietor with 100 employees.

If your side hustle is a solo project, you’ll be considered both employer and employee.

This means that you are responsible of both halves of Social Security and Medicare taxes. The taxes amount to 15.3%, but you can make deductions to offset the tax.

3.You can deduct expenses

Almost any expense used to maintain your side hustle can be reported to the IRS for a potential deduction.

Proving you actually spent the money on maintaining your side hustle is important.

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4.Keep all receipts

As mentioned above, proving your expenses is important. Keeping all of your receipts leaves a paper trail for expense tracking.

This includes office supplies, phone bills, insurance payments, or even a portion of rent if you work at home.

Speaking to a tax advisor may be helpful to help you determine which expenses can be reported.

5.Fill out tax forms

Most people file a W-2. However, reporting side earnings is different.  Form 1040 is required for people with multiple streams of income.

You’ll also need to file a Schedule C and Form SE to report self-employment taxes.

However, the forms vary depending on your circumstances. A tax professional could assist you with reporting and filing.

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