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Social Security: What will happen when offices open back up in April?

Over 1,200 Social Security field offices across the U.S. are set to reopen in April following a two year shut down.

social security administration office building

The offices being closed made it harder for people to get help in person.

This forced Americans to rely heavily on the phone and website when it came to SSA services.

This means soon enough, people can get their in-person assistance again.

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What does April look like for Social Security offices to reopen?

There will likely be a large amount of visitors when the offices reopen.

This is because people have been frustratingly waiting to go back to in person services since the shutdown.

The phone line used for toll free calls has been having issues hanging up and disconnecting as well.

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These issues are only expected to persist as offices reopen.

In addition, the SSA is underfunded and asks that retired workers return temporarily to help with the influx of visitors.

In 2019 over 43 million Americans visited the SSA.

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