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New name, upgrades for auctioned off Cayuga County mobile home park

On March 10, Kerry Smith placed the winning bid at a mobile home park auction in Cayuga County, marking an end to his years-long attempt to purchase the property.

Smith, who is the Town of Fleming highway superintendent, learned about the issues at the town’s Locust Meadows mobile home park nearly three years ago, according to The Citizen. He had a conversation with former owner Sharon Hitchings about purchasing the property, but Hitchings never followed up about the purchase agreement.

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Hitchings’ failed to pay more than $63,000 in fines levied due to lack of drinking water for residents and not monitoring the park’s water supply, which is what ultimately led to the park’s seizure by the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office in fall of 2021.

The 7.8-acre property was put up for auction on March 10. Smith placed the winning bid of $160,000 against a dozen other bidders. Some of that money from the sale will be used to cover Hitchings’ unpaid fines.

As far as the future of Locust Meadows is concerned, Smith said he will prioritize the water system and make necessary upgrades to bring the mobile home park up to compliance. The park also has a new name- from now on, it will be known as Mapleton Grove.