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IRS: How to know your tax return arrived at the IRS

Millions of Americans are tracking the status of their tax return and looking for a message regarding when they can see the next move from the IRS.

tax return forms used for the IRS to receive a tax refund

One good sign is the message, “return being processed.”

This means that the IRS has received your return.

This doesn’t mean you’re totally free from delays.

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This message can be seen with the Where’s My Refund tool.

This message shows that your return is not lost, but the IRS did in fact receive it.

What should happen is the IRS receives and starts processing your return, and you should see your refund within 21 days.

Tax refunds are smaller than some expected this year

While that is the expectation, the IRS is still working through a massive 2020 backlog.

The IRS still plans to get people their 2021 tax refunds within the appropriate time frame.

How to stop the IRS from delaying your refund

The most important thing to do is to make sure your return has no errors in it.

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This means spelling is correct, mistakes with math or stimulus checks aren’t there, and you used appropriate documents to fill out your return.

This means your W-2 and any letters sent by the IRS should be utilized to make sure any and all information is correct.

To be positive, you could hire a tax professional to look your taxes over.

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