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Steuben’s Historic Courthouse recognizes Ukraine​

Nearly 5,000 miles from the battlegrounds in Ukraine, the historic Steuben County Courthouse is now bathed in blue and yellow lights as a show of support and honor for the brave people of that beleaguered nation.

“In the District Attorney’s Office, we are dedicated to protecting the rule of law and the rights of citizens,” county DA Brooks Baker said. “The tragedy unfolding in Ukraine brings into sharp focus what happens when those things are taken away.

“We wanted, even if only in this small way, to show our support for the citizens of Ukraine as they fight to maintain rights and a way of life that we all too often take for granted. When folks see those lights I hope they will take a moment to send thoughts and prayers, and whatever else they can, to the Ukrainian people as they struggle to maintain their freedom and sovereignty”.

Baker said the display was first proposed by county Deputy District Attorney David Wallace, and with the immediate cooperation and support of county Manager Jack Wheeler and the DA’s office.

The lights can be viewed nightly from the Village Square in Bath.