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Neck Relax reviews: Is Neck Relax massager any good? Latest update

Neck Relax Reviews

Neck pain is one of the leading kinds of body pain that people experience from their daily routine of continuous working activities. This kind of pain is not specific to any group of kind of workers but at times, could be peculiar to those who work long nights with a computer system or find it difficult to sleep in comfortable positions. Other times, they are associated with people who take prolonged seats to do their work or undergo a certain degree of manual labour without commensurate exercise to stretch out those muscles again.

The association with neck pain can result from a lot of things and have over time posed as issues for people in their various activities which could go on to affect parts of their daily activities. These could include hindrances to effectiveness at work, restlessness, and even the inability to rest properly or sleep. These and many more continue to be the very reason different people from all over the world seek solutions to what serves as an issue to them almost every day, if not every day of their lives.

NECK RELAX is the exact solution you have been looking for. It is the perfect and portable quality neck massager that helps relieve stress and tension on your muscles and uplift your mood once again. It serves as that one device that you can stop at any time to use and make your day go a whole lot better. 

You don’t have to spend your money on spas or personal massagers anymore, or even ask someone to help twist your neck. Now you can simply offer yourself comfort and relief at your disposal and watch your neck pain go away.

This NECK RELAX REVIEWS would explore many more features of this top-of-the-charts neck massager waiting to have you hop on it and make that great decision to have one for yourself.

WHAT IS NECK RELAX- Neck Relax Reviews

NECK RELAX is a portable, quality, and easy-to-use neck massager that relieves you of all the stress of the neck pain you almost constantly feel. It brings you neck relief just when and how you want it without having to make use of your regular stash of pain killers or an everyday trip to the spa for an after-work massage. All that ends with NECK RELAX and with very wonderful features that require no technicalities whatsoever.

More so, NECK RELAX is an exquisitely unique device that offers you dual massages no other alternative can give you. It allows you to be able to massage your neck and back at the same time. Isn’t that a whole lot better than just having one that massages your neck and another your back? This is one of the features that make NECK RELAX stand out as a top-quality product set to relieve you of that stress and pain you’ve suffered for years unending.


  • 16 Point-range Intensity Settings: This offers you a range of relaxation and massaging alternatives that allow you to select just the way you want to be massaged. All that comes with the right amount of tension, smoothness, and ease all to make you feel comfortable and at ease. It is best to select whatever intensity based on the severity and prolonged nature of the neck pain. While this gets better, you can make adjustments to lower the intensity and it would still serve you perfectly and just the way you want it.
  • 7-hours Battery Life: NECK RELAX is not just tailored to suit your needs and ease you into your conveniences but also does that for a time long enough to produce the desired result of neck and stress relief. It is powered by 2 triple-A batteries which have the capacity to store energy for up to 7 hours or even more depending on your level of use. It is also important that you charge it properly before use to allow you to enjoy the comfort and relax ability of the device for 7 hours straight if you please. This means that you sleep all through the night with the NECK RELAX device on and enjoy the peaceful and restful sleep you’ve always wanted.
  • 6 Variety Modes: This allows you to select the mode you want to be massaged with and give you the luxury you deserve. It is tailored to suit the user’s needs and conveniences all channeled to make that neck pain truly relieved within that particular period in time. These varieties include; Automatic, Acupuncture, Soft massage, Shiatsu, Kneading, and Deep Massage.
  • 3 Effective Methods: The NECK RELAX makes use of a combination of three different methods for which it makes you feel better. The Infrared heat, Electric pulse and Ultrasound all operate in synergy and unison to bring comfort in an impressive manner. Most other forms of alternatives make use of just Infrared but NECK RELAX is set to actually make that neck pain go away hence the use of three methods, all in one device and bringing you maximum relief.
  • Dual Massaging: As stated earlier, NECK RELAX massages not only the neck but also the back and at the same time. This serves as a clear advantage and weighs up what this device has above others. It is for this reason and many more that it makes a really good impression for most people and serves as a top recommendation for medical treatment by both doctors and physiotherapists alike.
  • Auto 15minutes turn-off: This is a cutting-edge technology that makes sure that the device doesn’t run down without your knowledge. It can be set off to turn off every 15minutes in order to conserve the energy and preserve the energy for a long time without having to charge it frequently.
  • 2 Electrode Pads: 


  • Flexibility: The NECK RELAX is a really flexible device that can be put on the neck and be made to fit all sizes irrespective. The device is set to bend in any direction you please in pattern with your neck and therefore can be used even while engaging in different activities or neck movement. This also allows the device to be used during sleep without disturbing or interfering to any extent, allowing you have a peaceful and sound sleep.
  • Portability: This is a great advantage to most people as you can go absolutely anywhere with the device including your workplace and can be easily put into its pack and moved around without posing as extra strain to you.
  • Easy-to-use/Fast: The experience that the NECK RELAX serves allows people to use them easily without having to read any long manual or procedures. All that is required is for you to charge the device and regulate it’s with just the on and off switch. The mode can also be regulated with the different modes set and tension made to be high or low depending on which you please
  • Cheap: NECK RELAX unlike other devices or compared with other alternatives like going to the spa or steadily taking pain killers actually poses a way cheaper option. The device doesn’t have to be changed or renewed. Anyone can get it at a really affordable price.
  • Durability: The device is set to last long not just within use but also as a whole. You can use the device for months and even up to a year while it relieves your neck pain or stiffness every time you use it. The efficiency with which the device smoothens muscle tension and de-stresses the user only stays the same with time.



  1. It relieves pain and stress in both the neck and back by way of a three-mode effective system that combines infrared technology, electromagnetic pulse and ultrasound, all to ensure proper massage ability and proper service to the user
  2. It has a long battery life which allows it to be used through prolonged periods of work and rest while massaging the muscles of the neck. Set to last for 7 hours, the NECK RELAX is the perfect cutting edge technology for any kind of work
  3. The device is flexible and easy to use. It does not come with a technical manual or require the experience of previous use to serve its purpose in creating comfort for its users.
  4. NECK RELAX is durable and serves as a one-time investment for most people. You don’t have to worry about using the device and getting another one later by renewing a subscription or any stress of that sort.
  5. It also serves as a warming device that is even more protective of parts of the body vulnerable to extremes of temperature like the neck. All you have to do is wrap it around your neck and while massaging and eliminating all stiffness from your neck, will make you feel warm and cozy even during your sleep. This creates the advantage of being used during the cold weather without worries or a special cover for your neck.
  6. It provides sound massage, therapy, and well-being to the entire body as a whole. This creates the sensation relief of neck, back, and body pains that have been suffered for quite some time.



  1. The NECK RELAX unlike other devices has no disadvantages to the user whatsoever or in any way. It has only the advantage of tailoring all its efforts and effectiveness to ensure that the user is properly massaged and relieved of any form of neck pain or stiffness.


The NECK RELAX can be purchased from the manufacturer directly through the official website used to make a purchase. You get the chance to purchase directly and get a discount on the products depending on the number acquired. This means that you get to purchase more at a discounted price and it even helps better should you want to make a purchase for anyone other than yourself.

You can also make the purchase of multiple numbers to elongate the durability or longevity of the device so you would not have to put a strain on one device especially if you experience severe forms of neck pain or stiffness. All you have to do is fill out the form on the official website. You would be required to enter certain details to be able to make payment and get to select which route you want to pay it through. Payment can be made through PayPal or a Credit card and the details provided on the website are protected from any third party or external usage.

Once the order is completed, an email will be sent to you stating everything you ordered so confirmation can be made before it is being shipped. Changes o the other can still be made at this point before it is finally shipped and another email sent to allow you locate the device and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. 

The prices for NECK RELAX are as follows;

1 NECK RELAX costs $59.99

2 NECK RELAX costs $119.98 at $59.99 each

3 NECK RELAX costs $134.98 at $44.99 each

4 NECK RELAX costs $164.99 at $41.24 each


“It is a simple and inexpensive aid in fighting neck pain. I found this device to be a very helpful aid in countering neck pain due to muscle strain. It is a very inexpensive and ineffective device that can be used when reading or watching television. I was very pleasantly surprised to find it so helpful. Because of the price, I decided to get one and was surprised to find it so effective at relieving soreness in my neck muscles”

Roland A. Gangloff

“I am a hairstylist and I get stiff neck often, or what might feel like a pinched nerve. I lay on this a few times a day for 15 minutes or so, and it seems to relax all the tense muscles. I feel like I recover much quicker from a stiff neck and a pinched nerve with this handy tool”

Jen Ren


Is NECK RELAX worth it?

Yes. It is very much worth it. NECK RELAX relieves pain and stiffness in the neck and back and can do this for as long as 7hours due to its long battery life.

How does the NECK RELAX work?

All you need to do is unbox it from its package and wrap it around your neck. Once that’s done, you can select whatever mode and intensity you please depending on the severity of the neck pain, then sit back, relax and allow it to smoothen your muscles and relieve you of stress.

CONCLUSION- Neck Relax Reviews

NECK RELAX is a portable, easy-to-use, and efficient device that serves to properly massage and care for the user as a whole. It does this through infrared technology, ultrasound, and electromagnetic pulse which allows it to properly smoothen the muscles and relieve you of every stress you once experienced on your neck and back. NECK RELAX is the right product for you.


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