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Stimulus: Checks worth up to $4,000 in 2022

Despite stimulus checks ending, many are still going out this year and you may qualify through certain programs.

cash  families receive from stimulus payments

Many cities and states have created stimulus check programs with their COVID relief funds through UBI structures.

Between states and the stimulus check from the government, your attempt at financial relief may still be possible.

Earn up to $1,400 in monthly payments

Here are different scenarios you may still qualify for a stimulus payment

The federal stimulus payment

In 2021 there was one last economic impact payment worth $1,400.

Most Americans who qualified received theirs, but there are some scenarios where they may not have.

If you had a baby in 2021 or added a dependent you can qualify for another check.

If your income changed and the IRS was unaware you can also claim a check.

You must claim it on your taxes this season.

Child tax credit: When will monthly payments start again?

New Jersey stimulus checks

New Jersey has created its own stimulus program to help families that didn’t qualify for federal checks.

Undocumented and formerly incarcerated people can qualify.

Your income can’t be above $55,000 and you need to be at least 18.

Oregon stimulus checks

The state of Oregon plans to send checks to residents worth $600.

This is for low income employees who worked during the pandemic.

There is no application process and those who received the Earned Income Tax Credit will receive payments.

The payments will come at the end of July.

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