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Using SNAP food stamp benefits made easy at Target

Target has simplified how to use SNAP food stamp benefits in store.

Target is making it easy for customers to use SNAP food stamp benefits

Items that are eligible will be labeled so they can be easily recognized.

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How does it work?

Customers can purchase essential grocery items with their SNAP benefits. This includes fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, and milk, among other things. Read more about it here.

Most Target stores use labels so that they can easily identify which products are SNAP-eligible.

When you go to checkout, you’ll need to separate your food stamp items from the rest of your purchase. Your first transaction will be processed so that you can pay with your EBT card. The rest of your purchase will be processed separately.

This process can be simplified if you opt for the self-checkout. Using the self-checkout, all items can be paid for on the same transaction. The system will automatically apply the EBT discount to each item.

Most EBT products are covered by the company’s 90-day return policy, unless stated otherwise. Target accepts SNAP cards at all stores.

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Are there restrictions?

Unfortunately you cannot pay with EBT online at This payment method can’t be used for grocery delivery or curbside pickup.

Even though Target accepts EBT payment at all of its locations, not all of Target’s products are eligible.

Some SNAP packages allow you to purchase coffee and cakes at Starbucks mini-stores inside of Target.

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