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IRS: Use these apps to file tax forms for free

Tax returns can be overwhelming for some people, especially as the IRS’s tax season comes to a close.

W-2 form used to file taxes with the IRS

To make it easier for many Americans, there are various apps created by companies available to file taxes.

These may prove useful as the deadline of April 18 quickly approaches.

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Here are 4 apps available for filing taxes with the IRS you can use on Apple and Android

TaxAct Express

TaxAct can be used on any Apple or Android device.

W-2s, dependent, education, saver’s, and earned income credits can all be claimed using this app.

You may also file 1099-DIV and 1099-INT forms.

The app is free and complex returns are below $50.

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TurboTax is one of the most commonly used tax services.

You answer a series of questions so it can best assist you with how to file your taxes.

The software will complete the more complicated parts for you by asking the questions and scanning documents.

You can upload your W-2 for them to pull the information from.

Simple returns are free to file.

H&R Block Tax Prep

This app lets you upload your W-2 and puts the information in for you.

You may also visit in person to get the service done.

This software is available through Apple, Android, and Kindle.

Simple filing is free.

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Tax Slayer

Tax Slayer has different services ranging from free to $60.

For $60 you can get unlimited phone and email assistance.

You’re guaranteed every dollar or you’ll be refunded the amount paid.

The services will estimate your taxes before you file.

You need to input your W-2 or paycheck for them to calculate that amount.

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