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Taco Bell: You wont believe what they’re bringing back!

Taco Bell is bringing back this menu item.

Taco Bell Nacho Fries

Taco Bell changes up their menu from time to time.

But this time they’re bringing something back.

And it’s a fan favorite.

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Taco Bell brings back nacho fries

Nacho Fries first debut on Taco Bell’s menu was back in 2018.

People seemed to love them and were not happy when they were pulled from the menu.

The company recently announced they will be bringing back the nacho fries but only for a limited time.

So now all you nacho fry lover will get to experience them once again.

Now like we said this is only for a limited time but that doesn’t mean they wont ever make their way back onto the menu.

It seems that only making them available for a short period of time creates a higher demand for them.

So it’s likely the nacho fries will be back for another period of time in the future.

It hasn’t been confirmed how long they will be available for yet.

But if you’re interested in trying the nacho fries you can use this link to find the nearest Taco Bell to you.

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