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Taxes: $7 billion in unclaimed taxes being sent back, is any yours?

There are millions of dollars in the state of Texas left unclaimed and needing to be sent to taxpayers. They’re unclaimed property taxes.

cash and other valuables that can be found as unclaimed property taxes in states like Texas

The state is working hard to get these funds back into the hands of their rightful owners.

$2 billion dollars alone in unclaimed property taxes were returned to people last month.

Over 2 million payments were sent out.

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The program to send property taxes back to owners began in 1962 and $3 billion has been sent since then. There is still over $7 billion to go.

What needs to be returned isn’t just money, but cash and valuables as well.

If you think you may have unclaimed property in the state of Texas you can check with their website here.

You can look for unclaimed property as well as check on a claim you made for property already.

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Unclaimed property taxes in Texas

It is not only money or bank accounts forgotten about that constitute unclaimed property.

Uncashed paychecks and stocks or safe deposit boxes count as well.

There are also life insurance policies, uncashed dividends, traveler’s checks, trusts, money orders or security deposits made on utilities.

It’s legally required that companies associated with property turn it over to the state.

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