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New York’s Cannabis Control Board passes licensing regulations

The New York State Office of Cannabis Management Control Board voted on and passed marijuana sales licensing regulations on Thursday, March 10.

The Office is set to open applications for licenses later this year. New York will also be the first state to offer retail licenses to those with previous marijuana convictions.

REALTED: First 100 marijuana retail licenses to be given to New Yorkers with prior convictions

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Licensing will be prioritized for two groups: hemp farmers to grow adult-use cannabis beginning this spring and licenses for people with prior marijuana convictions, according to News10 NBC.

Individuals in the latter group must provide proof they or a family member were convicted of a marijuana-related offense. They will also have to provide their address at the time of arrest to show they lived in an area where marijuana was over-criminalized. Only those will a background in running a small business will be considered.