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Wayne County man loses $2,800 to scam callers

A Wayne County man was scammed out of $2,800 by callers who claimed he won the Publisher’s Clearing House contest.

The elderly man had entered the contest prior to receiving the call, so he had every reason to believe the call was legitimate. The callers claimed he would receive a 2022 Land Rover vehicle, $6,000 in cash to spend, $6.5 million directly to his bank account, and $5,000 every month for life, according to Wayne Times.

The man followed the caller’s instructions to send money via Green Dot cards purchased from Wal-Mart. He read the numbers of the cards to the scammers over the phone, totaling about $2,800 in gift cards.

The man worries that, in order to claim the alleged winnings, he gave out his address and social security number to the callers. Despite warnings from Wayne Times and others that the calls were a scam, the man held out hope that his winnings were legitimate.

You can find information on how to avoid scams on the Publishers Clearing House website.