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Kratom Hangover

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Most new users of kratom are eager to experience the full potential of this organic product. Some end up consuming high dosages while others mix different strains for more benefits. Unfortunately, the results are not what they expect. They experience the adverse effects of the product and a few hours later, they complain of kratom hangover or kratom sickness.

Most users, who complain about this side effect, are all over online platforms including Reddit looking for recommendations of the best kratom hangover cure. Some ask kratom experts to guide them on the best kratom for hangover.


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However, the best way to avoid kratom sickness is by taking a small dose of the product and avoiding mixing kratom with other stimulatory substances. In this article, we have detailed all the essential details on how to avoid a kratom hangover. First, it is essential to understand what is kratom sickness or hangover.

Kratom Hangover or Kratom Sickness

Kratom hangover is a very uncomfortable condition. The body reacts strangely after consuming a huge dose of kratom (greater than your typical dose). When you consume your favorite strain in large amounts, it causes negative symptoms such as nausea, a spinning head, low energy levels, and weariness.

These symptoms usually develop a few hours after taking a higher dose of kratom. Some users also report a kratom hangover after mixing different strains or taking the product with other stimulatory substances such as alcohol.

In addition, most new users report a kratom hangover especially when they consume the product in moderate doses. This is because a beginner has no notion what dosage of kratom they require to achieve their desires.

Since you are introducing a new product to your body and you are not aware of how it may react, it is vital, to begin with, the smallest dosage to find your sweet spot. With a small dose of kratom, you will enjoy various effects of the product without worrying about its aftermath.

Kratom hangover can also happen if you source your dose from an unreliable vendor. It is vital to note that not all kratom vendors sell quality kratom. Some uncertified vendors provide customers with kratom that contains hazardous impurities.

If you switch to a more potent kratom but maintain your usual dosage, the chance is high that you will experience a kratom hangover.

What Are The Symptoms of a Kratom Hangover?

Head and neck discomfort

This is a mildly unpleasant sensation that tends to cluster all around the top of the user’s neck and the base of the head. This may feel as if you’re wearing a rubber band around your neck. With potent strains, this is common. However, dehydration might induce a faint throbbing feeling across the front and top of the head.

Nausea and indigestion

Nausea associated with a kratom hangover is mild. The hangover capacity is determined by the amount of Kratom a person has consumed. If a person consumed a significant amount, he will most likely experience severe nausea. It only occurs when the consumer takes a large amount of the product on an empty stomach. As a result, it’s best to avoid consuming Kratom in high dosage on an empty stomach.


Another sign of Kratom’s hangover is extreme exhaustion. Due to a lack of sleep, the user would most likely experience the negative consequences of exhaustion. However, taking a hot pot of tea can help you feel better.

Trouble Awakening

Since some kratom strains are so calming in nature, it should come as no surprise that one of the side effects of taking too much kratom is remaining in bed longer than normal. This may seem appealing to some, and it is certainly probably one of the least dangerous signs of a kratom hangover. Whatever the case may be, getting out of bed might leave you feeling quite sluggish, which is rarely a pleasant experience.

The Difference between Kratom Hangover and Withdrawal

As mentioned earlier, a kratom hangover or sickness occurs a few hours after consuming a large dose of kratom while kratom withdrawal appears after developing dependence against the natural product. Therefore, when you stop consuming your regular dose of kratom, your body may show withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of withdrawal are frightening, but kratom hangover goes away with time.

Causes of Kratom Sickness

Kratom overdose

Taking kratom in large doses is by far the most common cause of a kratom hangover. Since both 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine alkaloids enter the user’s body in high concentrations, this may cause Kratom overdose leading to serious negative effects. Furthermore, the user’s body is not accustomed to higher kratom doses. To enjoy your preferred strain without worrying about kratom sickness, avoid taking such excessive quantities that put your body to the test.

Combination of kratom and alcohol

Most users looking to achieve adventurous effects combine kratom with alcohol. However, these two products do not complement each other. Taking alcohol before or after taking kratom can amplify the effects of both substances and result in serious repercussions. Mixing kratom and alcohol is not recommended since the combination can lead to severe health issues.

Consuming high doses of sedative kratom

Sedative strains such as Red Maeng Da and Red Bali have high levels of alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragyninie. When consumed in moderate doses, the product offers relaxation. However, when taken in quantity above moderate, it can cause a kratom hangover. When dealing with such strains, ensure to lower your dosage below your normal intake to avoid kratom hangover,

Kratom use on a regular basis

If you take kratom regularly without rotating the strains or taking any days off you’ll experience a kratom hangover. Kratom experts advise against using kratom daily. In addition, it is critical to choose the right strains and ensure to consume different strains to avoid body tolerance and kratom hangover.

Taking kratom first thing in the morning

Kratom users who take the product first thing in the morning claim that they experience headaches and nausea. Ensure to take your dose of kratom a few minutes after taking your breakfast. In addition, a little munching shortly after dosing on kratom can help to mask the bitter taste.

Excessive thirst

Most users of kratom do not take hydration seriously, and it is a common source of kratom hangovers. If you don’t drink the recommended volume of water, kratom can take a long to leave your system. Due to dehydration caused by kratom, you may experience low energy levels. Therefore, the next time you attempt taking kratom at a high dose, remember water is the best kratom hangover cure.

Kratom of poor quality

Chances are high that you have taken low-quality kratom if you did not source your dose from a reputable and GMP-certified vendor. Reliable kratom vendors offer their customers lab test resorts of each batch of kratom available through their website. When you consume kratom that is of low quality, it may contain impurities that can cause hangovers. Therefore, before making a purchase, ensure you are dealing with a certified and reliable kratom dealer.

Mixing sedative strains

As previously mentioned, consuming greater amounts of sedative kratom is not encouraged. Consuming a combination of two sedative strains increases your chances of dealing with kratom hangover on a new level. In addition, when some users start experiencing the side effect, they look for the best kratom for hangover and try out different strains. As a result, this leads to more adverse effects. It is therefore essential to avoid mixing kratom strains and when dealing with sedative or highly potent kratom, go for a lower dosage.

Keep a kratom log

Keeping a kratom log can help you trace the kratom dosage you have been consuming. With that, you can keep track of whether you are developing kratom tolerance or what could be causing a kratom hangover.

How to Avoid a Kratom Hangover?

To begin, you must be disciplined enough to comprehend the fundamental causes of the kratom hangover effect. Also, you must embrace these symptoms and recognize that they will go away eventually. The following are some basic guidelines for avoiding this problem.

Begin with a small amount.

Starting with a low dosage is recommended for all newbies. The little kratom dose serves as a stimulant and begins to work for the body’s well-being. Furthermore, taking a modest dose for a short period allows the body to adapt to the alkaloids present in Kratom. With that, you will not experience kratom hangovers in the future.

Drink plenty of water.

Keeping your body hydrated at all times is the best kratom hangover cure. Dehydration is a common side effect of kratom powder. Taking plenty of water will help you avoid dehydration and speed up the removal of the organic produce from your system.

Avoid using Kratom daily.

Using Kratom regularly is not a practical solution. The likelihood of developing an overdose or addiction will grow because of the regular use of kratom. Taking the product occasionally or once a week boosts strength and prevents Kratom hangovers.


You should not panic when you experience hangover symptoms. Simply try to unwind and locate a cozy spot for yourself. Breathing techniques can assist with tension, and you can test it out for yourself. Furthermore, exaggerating the symptoms can exacerbate the problem. As a result, try to embrace your sensations and relax!

Take part in any activity you like.

Most kratom users believe in the power of distraction. They divert their attention by engaging in activities such as viewing a film, calling a friend, watering plants, or exercising. Determine which activity will be beneficial to you.

Use strains that are not too strong.

The most popular Kratom strains, like Bali Kratom and Maeng Da Kratom, are well-known for their various effects. It is not a good idea to use a stronger strain when you are just starting. Instead, it’s safer and healthier to start with a low strain.

Experiment with various product forms.

Kratom comes in a variety of forms, including powder, leaves tinctures, capsules, and more. Consuming the correct amount, especially of kratom powder, is not easy for most new users since it involves measuring the accurate powder one requires. The best way to avoid the hangovers of kratom is by consuming kratom pills. They are the least likely to cause a Kratom hangover or other negative side effects.

These suggestions are not just for a hangover; they also aid to lessen the likelihood of tolerance. Slight modifications can improve or degrade the performance of a substance for any user. These steps make it simple to determine the outcome of Kratom in one’s body.

Frequent Asked Questions

What causes a kratom hangover?

In recent days, kratom hangover has become more common. So far, the most significant explanations are:

  • Consuming kratom in large doses
  • Dehydration
  • Impure kratom
  • Taking kratom on an empty stomach
  • Excessive use of kratom

How can you get rid of kratom nausea?

Many users of kratom experience nausea, however, this should not discourage you. The following options have helped most users who have found themselves at the same spot:

  • Snack for a bit
  • Water with lemon
  • Ginger tea or juice
  • Nausea medication

To avoid kratom sickness, what is the safe kratom dose?

If you are a complete novice, start with the smallest dose of kratom available. For regular users, nothing above moderate dosage is safe for your health.

Are there any strains of kratom that induce hangover?

Due to the high concentration of 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloid in Red vein kratom strains, overdosing is linked to kratom illness. Additionally, you may get a kratom hangover if you overdose on any other kratom strain.

Final Thoughts

Kratom offers users a wide range of beneficial effects. However, if used incorrectly it can lead to severe side effects including a kratom hangover. Unfortunately, looking for the best kratom for hangovers will only worsen the situation.

The best kratom hangover cure is taking lots of water to stay hydrated, involving yourself in various activities, and avoiding using the product regularly. With that, you will not have to worry about kratom hangover anymore.

Kratom powder is not user-friendly especially for new users since it can lead to kratom hangover due to overdosing. Most experienced users claim that kratom capsules are the best for those who cannot measure accurate dosages.

Taking low-quality kratom can also contribute to a kratom hangover. The impurities present in an adulterated kratom can also cause other adverse effects. Source your kratom from a certified vendor like New Dawn Kratom, where we value our customer’s health. We have all types of kratom in different formats and at affordable prices.