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Stimulus check: Will people on Social Security see another payment?

A petition supporting Americans on Social Security getting a fourth stimulus check still has traction heading into 2022.

potential fourth  stimulus check stamped with red ink from Congress

The petition calls on Congress to send one more $1,400 check to those on a fixed income with Social Security benefits.

A letter went to the government detailing how the COLA increase of 5.9% was not enough after inflation.

Fourth Stimulus Check: Are we getting a fourth check?

The Sun reports that not only did the bump not help with inflation, but it pushed many past income limits for things like Medicare. also has a petition with over 3 million signatures trying to convince Congress to send another check.

This one asks that adults get $2,000 and children $1,000 through the remainder of the pandemic.

70,000 checks worth $1,200 going out

Will a fourth stimulus check happen?

It does not look likely.

The Build Back Better bill has provisions to help seniors, but a stimulus check is not one of them.

The bill aimed to pass by the end of 2021, but still has not passed in 2022.

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