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Stimulus Check: 70,000 checks worth $1,200 going out

There are thousands of Americans who can soon expect stimulus checks worth $1,200.

stimulus check with red stamped lettering saying STIMULUS across the front

When stimulus checks went out federally, many states chose to follow suit and take care of their residents.

California has done some of the most for their residents since the pandemic began.

First, they started with the Golden State Stimulus I program, followed by the Golden State Stimulus II program.

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Stimulus: Checks worth $1,500 and $750 go out today

Who will see stimulus checks in California?

The program has ended, but some people are still waiting for payments and can soon expect them.

During these programs residents saw checks worth $1,100 and $1,200.

Eligibility requirements included

  • making less than $75,000 per year
  • filing taxes for 2020 by Oct. 15, 2021

Stimulus Checks: Millions will see extra payments in 4 states

The last batch was already sent, and 99% of people have had their payments issued.

There are still thousands that need to get their payments.

It’s estimated that 60-70,000 more people are to expect checks.

These people are those who had applied form ITIN and needed to file their state tax return.

Many people getting these checks filed amended or non-resident state tax returns.

The checks are expected to go out in two rounds, first in mid-March then in mid-April.

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