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IRS: Transcripts and how their processing works

Millions of Americans are awaiting their tax refunds from the IRS, while millions more have already received them. Your tax transcript may help you.

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While the status of your refund can be tracked through tools like Where’s My Refund or apps like the IRS2Go app, there are some other ways to check.

One way is by checking your tax transcript cycle code to find out the exact day you get your refund.

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Tax transcript cycle code from the IRS

If you look at your transcript and see a cycle code, then your return has arrived at the IRS.

In means your return is on the IRS Master File and is probably being processed at that time.

Knowing more about your refund and the date you receive it takes a bit of legwork.

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You need to put your cycle code with your tax topic code to see where your return is at in its processing cycle.

Code 846 means your return was processed and the estimated date decided.

The cycle code will let you know what batch your refund is in and that is updated on a daily or weekly basis.

Your cycle date is on the transcript and looks like an 8 digit number representing year, week, and day format.

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This means the first four numbers will like be 2022.

The fifth and sixth numbers are the week, so 08 would be the 8th week out of the year.

The seventh and eighth digits are the day your return is uploaded to the IRS master file.

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