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Wendy’s: Why are the burgers square?

This is why Wendy’s burgers are square.

Wendy's store

One of the things Wendy’s is most known for is most known for is their square burgers.

But have you ever wondered why they’re square?

Chain brings back popular sandwich

Wendy’s square burgers

The square burger has been a part of the Wendy’s brand for a very long time.

And is one of the main reasons for the chains success.

Not only did they chose to make the burger square to make it stand out from competitors.

But also to make it more memorable for their customers.

But did you know their is another reason to patties shape?

The burgers are also made this shape because the company serves fresh patties instead of frozen.

They wanted to make sure they were able to showcase their fresh meat to the full extent.

With the burger being shaped in a square it allows it to hang of its circle bun.

This is so you can see how fresh the meat is before even biting into your burger.

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