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OUT & ABOUT: Craving a tavern burger, Pub 235 in Webster delivered on food and experience

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  • Josh Durso 

Editor’s Note: Out & About is a revived recurring series on Travel with the team as they visit local favorites around the region. Have a suggestion? Send it to [email protected].

The mission was simple: My wife and I were craving a burger, but cooking wasn’t in the cards.

It was Saturday night- and we had plans later in the evening. Searching for something nearby on short notice, we hit Pub 235 in Webster. Located at 235 North Avenue in the village, the Pub has been on our local bucket list for over a year.

Sometimes the meals you spend the least amount of time anticipating- or planning turn out to be the most-memorable.

What’s in a review? Pub 235 came with high marks.

We’ve all seen restaurants with high ratings and only a few actual reviews on social media. Overall, Pub 235 has been reviewed more than 1,000 times by diners- managing to maintain a 4.5+ (out of 5-star) rating across Google, Facebook, and Yelp. 

The self-described hangout spot- featuring full-bar, brick oven pizza, traditional tavern food, and patio has collected a significant amount of praise over the years. From the food-to-atmosphere, diners regularly point to Pub 235 as one of the best around.

We arrived craving a burger, but left with one of the most-memorable appetizers yet.

The Buffalo Chicken Crunch Rolls came highly-recommended (more on that later). The hand rolled crispy chicken rolls were the right balance of light and savory. It was served with mild wing sauce and blue cheese, which was in fact, the best way to enjoy them. 

Next up were the burgers that brought us to Pub 235 in the first place.

I’m a sucker for a burger that incorporates my favorite side of all- onion rings. The Smokehouse came with bacon, BBQ sauce, beer battered onion ring, and cheddar cheese.

We also opted for the B.Y.O.B– incorporating the All-American essentials- lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Both were cooked precisely to order. That might not sound like a big deal- but when several people order burgers at the same table- and a restaurant is busy- mistakes can happen. The kitchen staff at Pub 235 were prepared- and churned out two impressive burgers.

Editor’s Note: Check out photos from our visit at the bottom of this article.

Back to those reviews. Pub 235 makes their menu interactive!

One of the more interesting aspects of Pub 235 is the addition of reviews on its menu. Since the pandemic, the tavern has moved to fully-digital menus, which display reviews on each item. 

Not sure if a particular sandwich, burger, pizza, or appetizer is for you? One extra tap and you’re reading reviews from patrons who visited Pub 235.

The menu also allows users to ‘remind’ themselves about items they want to try in the future. Granted, this feature does require the visitor to sign-in.

Check out Pub 235’s full-menu here.