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Online Casino Without Limits 2022

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The UK online gambling industry has been going through a major upheaval since 2020. Because the industry in the UK is taking giant strides on an orderly path in the direction of helping problematic gamblers. Of course, this also entails massive changes that are in the interest of the client. In the first quarter of 2020, the UKGC recognized GamStop as the national self-exclusion scheme that British players can use to exclude themselves at once from all UK based gambling sites. This decision was followed by a set of strict measures including the abolition of VIP programmes for major players in gambling sites, the suspension of sponsorship of sports betting companies for British clubs, and the prohibition of gambling on credit cards.

The most important innovations that players are confronted with relating to limits in the casino. In addition to the deposit limit of 1,000 euros per month, which has already been implemented in many casinos, the 1 euro bet rule is now also further restricted. This is now being implemented at many gaming sites and states that only one euro may be wagered per spin.

There is no question that the restrictions mean cuts for casino customers and have a significant impact on the entertainment value of slot machines or table games. As a result, customers see their freedom on less restrictions and are looking for alternatives that are reputable non GamStop casinos that offer inclusive gaming packages without imposing limits on deposits or stakes.

Online Casinos With No Deposit Limit

Unlimited gaming enjoyment – what was common practice until recently is no longer possible today with the introduction of the new Treaty on Gambling and the associated planned licensing of various popular providers in the industry. Because they have now introduced the 1,000 euro deposit limit. For more info click here.

Especially for long-established casino customers who chose a preferred provider years ago, it is difficult to rethink now. Because they don’t want to be limited, they are specifically looking for non GamStop casinos without a deposit limit. To make this task easier, we have put together a list of providers where you can still deposit more than a thousand euros:

At Fancy Reels Casino, for example, it is still possible to deposit more than 1,000 euros per month into the personal customer account even after July 1st, 2021. The deposits are not completely unlimited, but the limits are still well above the 1,000 limits. Which limits apply there is explained in more detail in our comprehensive reviews

Another advantage: the €1 maximum bet rule (which we will deal with in more detail later) does not apply to the providers either. Likewise, nobody has to be prepared for game breaks after 60 minutes or spins lasting 5 seconds.

What do the deposit limits mean?

Due to this rule, you can only deposit a maximum of 1,000 euros per month into the customer account in the online casino. Once this limit has been reached, no further payments can be made. In principle, player protection is of course to be welcomed, but from our expert point of view there are also massive gaps.

An example to illustrate: A customer has made a larger profit and withdraws it. After that, he wants to try his luck again with the provider he trusts. However, if he has already reached the EUR 1,000 limit in the month in question, the player can no longer deposit. Even if he didn’t make a loss but again.

In addition, this EUR 1,000 limit is independent of the personal budgetary situation of the respective casino player.

Why is there an online casino deposit limit?

Online gambling providers who want to obtain the UKGC license must already comply with the provisions of the transitional regulation. The maximum monthly deposit was set for player protection and is intended to protect customers at risk of gambling addiction.

While platforms can only implement this in isolation at the moment, in the future, it will even be possible to work across providers.

Bypass the deposit limit – players should pay attention to this

Just because a provider does not adhere to these limitations does not automatically mean that you are dealing with a dubious company. Because many sites operate with an international license and refer to the EU freedom to provide services, where there is no limit of 1,000 euros.

On the contrary, other brands are listed and have permits from other EU countries such as Malta or, for example, an international license from Curacao. These casinos adhere to the strict requirements of their authorities and will not even apply for a British gambling license and therefore are under no obligation to enforce British policies or exclude players affiliated with GamStop. However, when looking for a casino outside GamStop it is important to be careful. You must make sure that it is a reputable casino. Our listed companies are impressed with absolute integrity and transparency, even though they have decided not to follow the guidelines of the British Gaming Commission.

How to choose the best non GamStop casino?

There are several criteria players have to rely on to choose the best casino outside GamStop, and they include:

  • British players accepted
  • Licensing and the casino’s reputation in the player community
  • Compatibility with smartphones and tablets
  • Availability of customer service in multiple languages
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