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SYRACUSE SPEAKS: Glimmers of Good (podcast)

In this episode of Syracuse Speaks, Alex Ackerman shares the good and the frustrating about one of Syracuse’s most recent games against the Rochester Americans. The game featured a masterful penalty kill, the welcome return of Gemel Smith to the Crunch’s home ice and Syracuse’s score sheet, and unfortunately, an overtime loss. With two months remaining in the regular season, Alex takes a deeper look than she has before at the current standings in the North Division and discusses why it would behoove the Crunch to get deeper into the field than just 5th place by the time the season ends. She takes into consideration the new playoff format and, later on in the podcast, makes a not-so-bold prediction about how the playoff field in the Eastern Conference is going to play out.

Before ending the podcast with a recap of the Crunch’s upcoming schedule, Alex takes a minute to highlight a news story she participated in this past week. Alex shares her experiences participating in this story and her hopes for the end result. She also takes a look at the continued dominance of Gabriel Dumont, and highlights other performances from players like P.C. Labrie, Remi Elie and Anthony Richard.